Behind the Scenes of The Fantasy Fallacy: The Blessed Birth and a Giveaway!

The Blessed Birth!

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the recent lack of posting here on the blog.  As you can imagine, the last few months have truly been a whirlwind of activity and preparation for the launch of The Fantasy Fallacy. Juggling multiple interviews, writing several articles, and speaking engagements with Women of Faith have meant that I have been one busy – but extremely blessed – girl!  Throughout all of this, I have been so very thankful for your support – I couldn’t do this without YOUR prayers, YOUR encouragement, and YOUR belief in my message.  From the depth of my heart, THANK YOU!!

The exciting events of the past few months remind me so much of when I brought my actual babies into the world (Erin in 1992 and Matthew in 1995).  From the moment I found out I was pregnant, and especially the moment I found out whether I was carrying a girl or a boy, I began dreaming — of what their first words would be… of watching them take their first steps… of what they’d ultimately grow up to become someday!

And now, I’ve just given birth to a paperback book that I’ve felt “pregnant” with for over three years.  I’ve been dreaming about such questions as:

  • Who will be the first readers?  Men?  Women?  Singles?  Couples?  Older or younger generations?
  • What kind of revelations and epiphanies will they experience as a result?
  • What kind of difference will that wisdom make in their lives, marriages, and families?
  • How will it impact the way they raise their own children?
  • Will the book lift heavy burdens of guilt and shame off of God’s people?  Will it FREE them to enjoy healthier sex lives within marriage?
  • Will it help them live with sexual integrity, and will it be a sharp tool in their tool belt to help others do the same?

If you are as curious as I have been to see how a book about sexual fantasy will impact people, then I hope you’ll consider ordering your own autographed copy here.  You can also purchase from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and Books-A-Million.

The Giveaway!

And if it’s not too much to ask, it would be especially helpful for you to place your order by October 31, 2012. This step will help establish a strong online ranking and increase visibility.  As a bonus, email your receipt here and you’ll be entered to win your choice of: 

  • A 1-hour individual coaching session with Shannon ($110.00 value) OR a 1-hour group Q&A session with Shannon via Skype
  • An Every Woman’s Battle Library ($60.00 value)
  • Completely His Library ($57.00 value)
  • The Sexually Confident Wife book and DVD ($52.00 value)

I’d also LOVE to hear from you about what kind of insights you’re gleaning as you read!  So far, here’s just a few of the comments and reviews we’ve received from advance copy readers:

The Reviews!

  • “I was stunned at how much I learned!  I kept wondering, ‘I have a Ph.D. and attended seminary!  Why has no one ever taught me this vital information before?’”  (from an ordained pastor & licensed counselor)
  • “This is exactly what’s missing in the church today – incredibly helpful, non-judgmental information about how our sexual brains really function!  I’ve read a lot of Christian books, and a lot of books about sexuality, but never one like this!”  (a married man in his fifties)
  • “If I’d known all of this about human sexuality from the time I was a teenager, I’d have been equipped to make much better choices in life, and spared myself a ton of tears, sexual anxiety and spiritual insecurity.  Now I know that God doesn’t judge me because I’m a sexual human being.  HE created me this way… and declared His creation ‘very good!’”  (a single woman in her thirties)
  • “I think this should be required reading for the entire church – no, the entire world!”   (a marriage & family therapist)
  • “Finding the deeper meaning behind the mental rollercoaster of sexual fantasy in light of what the Bible says isn’t what you will find any nice church ladies talking about, but Ethridge is changing that. Thank God!”  (Christine, Amazon 5 Star Review)
  • “This topic is essential for today’s Christians and churches! It seems that human sexuality is a taboo subject for Christians as well as their families. We are taught to guard our mind and hearts, and to keep our thoughts subject to the will of Christ, but seldom if ever do we talk about HOW to accomplish such a feat! With the onslaught of today’s secular culture, we as Christians can be overwhelmed in a subject that is so limited in discussion.” (Todd, Amazon 5 Star Review)
  • “Is this a book for everyone to read? I say, YES!!! It is a must read for both husbands and wives, pastors, church leaders, marriage ministry teams and anyone else.  The topic of fantasies is something I believe we all deal with.  Those around us are dealing with them too.  Don’t spend another day wondering, fearing and feeling shame.  Let’s bring it to the light and deal with it together.” (One Flesh Marriage Blog Review)

And..YOUR stories and Questions! 

We are opening the floor to any questions you might have about the material in The Fantasy Fallacy. If you would like clarification on any topic in the book, please email your question here!

Starting next week, we will also be sharing personal, powerful testimonies from real men and women who have been impacted by The Fantasy Fallacy’s message of hope and freedom.  As you read both the book and these stories, please join us in prayer that God would continue to use this book in mighty ways to change lives and positively impact many individuals, couples, and families!




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  1. Tonya Ingram says:

    I bought the book a few weeks ago and don’t have my receipt anymore. Is having a receipt the only way to enter the GIveaway? I’m almost on Chapter 7.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The link for e-mail your receipt “here” doesn’t work. I just bought the book today on Amazon and wanted to send you the receipt. The other e-mail link doesn’t work either. If you could comment when it’s fixed, then I will send it. Thanks! Looking forward to reading the book!

  4. Pamela Dickinson says:

    The link for emailing receipt is not working. It is Please let me know in the comments when it is working again so I can send it in. I’m enjoying the book.

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